How to Choose the Best Design for a Blog

One of the most important elements in a web page is its design. It is the first thing that the user sees, what is obvious when entering a site. Therefore, what conveys the design of our website is very important . As if that were not enough, we must also be aware that a well-designed page facilitates Internet browsing .

A good design makes it easy for the user to get where they want to go, without confusion, and allows them to navigate the page intuitively.

Taking into account its importance, the choice and optimization of the design is an aspect that we must take care of to the maximum. The first decision to make is how we want our website to look.

In addition to that ideal image that we had visualized in our head, we can take into account some basic designs, very standardized on the Internet, that will help us to specify our idea and our website.

Choosing the Best Design

These are some of the designs that, for example, we can find in the templates:

3 Columns

Three columns The information is organized in a central column, wider, and in two lateral columns on each side. The left part is usually used to include the basic menu of web browsing or any internal content that facilitates navigation or is relevant to the Internet user (the contact telephone or mail, for example).

The right column can be used more freely. In it you can place widgets of all kinds, including those of social networks, and even external ads.
In the three-column design, the header consists of an image that occupies the entire width of the web with the site name and a commercial title or motto.

2 Columns

Two columns with side menu. In this case, the main content is usually placed in the right column, which is very wide. The navigation menu goes in the left column, narrower.

The header is usually an identifying image of the company’s activity, along with the logo and commercial motto.Two columns with top horizontal menu. In this option, the header and navigation menu predominate, located at the top, while the columns are used for the site content.

The main content usually appears on the left, in a wider column, while the column on the right is intended for complementary information.

Website or Personal Blog

Above aesthetic criteria, we must bear in mind that the choice of one design or another depends on the needs of our website: a personal blog does not show the same information nor has the same objectives as a page that sells online or a professional site.

Therefore whatever best free website builders we will use, it is important to choose the design that best suits the purpose of our page.

Tuning the Styles

Once we have the template that we are going to use, you can also modify the styles of it to maximize our website: typography, images and other elements that influence how your website will look.

As for the typography, it is advisable to use the same typeface throughout the web because it gives consistency and bold letters can be used to highlight something important in the middle of a text. We must also take into account the titles or labels. These elements can be used to present the content hierarchically, so that it is easily identifiable to the reader.


It is also important to have visual content , since it makes the website more friendly. As we are interested, you can include large, medium-sized images or icons.

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